img_20170122_202111_137Yesterday, while I was being in a trolleybus on an ordinary Saturday morning, in front of me sat two elders. They were an old couple still loving each other. On woman’s face I could see wrinkles, her hair was grey, her body was a grandma’s body. However, when she looked at her husband I could see her childish look and smile, she was still in love with him after decades of the marriage. Her love was unquestionable. Afterwards, that brought me to the question: How did they find that spark kept under the shields of love, honesty and respect?
Love is unexplainable, even centuries after the first man walked down the Earth. Science defines it as the variety of feelings, and being in love is the result of the activation of hormones, such as adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Nevertheless, Love is the feeling, which can wake up in us good and bad decisions,greed and autruism, insanity and rationality at the same time.

In my opinion, love is the most beautiful and modest gift, which must be respected and kept carefully in sehara*. If you love someone, you would not let pride and flaws to take over that life’s battle. If love makes you both better people, then you know your heart’s asylium. As Rumi once said Love is the bridge between you and everything“.

*Sehara is a name for a beautifly carved box, in which the Ottoman women kept their clothes and other stuff.


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