‘Woman’ is a single noun with many functions. The first woman appeared at the same time as the first man did with no counting seconds nor minutes. Being a male or a female makes you a human, nothing less or more.


The Seneca Falls Convention was the first women’s rights convention, at which was discussed about rights of women. It was held in 1848. Nevertheless, 169 years after the women are coming on the streets to march and ask for their rights. Isn’t that apsurd and bizar to see, the problem remained unsolved for 169 years, or better said for the time humans exist.


However, we could not neglect the opportunities women have today, which they didn’t have yesterday, but that doesn’t count for all women around the world. There are girls, who don’t have right to choose with whom they will fall in love and dream about their perfect wedding day, and their first college days. They are born as a parrot in a cage.

So, dear gentlemen take a good care of your ladies, mothers, wives, daughters or any woman you see. We are all human beings regardless of religion, skin colour, nationality or sex. Why should someone else be treated differently?


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