What scares us the most?

Lao Tzu’s quote made me thinking about how we perceive fear and confront to it, and it goes like this

“There is no illusion greater than fear”.

Fear is an emotion we feel, while we are expecting a danger or any other uncomfortable change. The Fear makes us hiding, panicking, yelling, crying, or any other sudden instantaneous type of behaviour.

What are we afraid of?

Someone is frightened of height, some particular animals or insects, small or big space. On the other hand, many of us are anxious about what is coming next, we are afraid for our future and the consequences. That fear sometimes stops us from doing right and taking needed risks. There is no one, who is afraid of nothing. We all carry that dose of humanity. The most crucial we have to do is to face those Tzu’ illusions in order to feel stronger and find the right path.




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