Tell Me the Truth


While being in a relationship takes a lot of effort from each partner, and even more if the two lovers differ in any kind. Constant fighting and discussions could be sweet and funny, but also exhausting when each of those two is not ready to compromise by being full of pride.

All that the girl wants is a little respect and honesty, what leads to loving. Unfortunately, the boy does not see that, he wants her, he needs her, but he does not know the next step. So, he decides to be in a relationship with another girl not realising he is hurting the first girl, who he meets every day. The first girl decides to act cold, stone cold, refusing to admit her feelings to others and to herself. She sees him and the other girl being happy, and finally she is satisfied and she knows it is over.

Every time she releases that pain storaged for months, he tries to phone back. He and his sweet talk and confessions about them as a couple, they used to be once, makes the first girl more vulnerable and confused.

She is asking herself:

• What and why is he doing this?

• Does he really love me?

• Why does he talk to me in a way like we used to, when he has someone?

• Am I being fooled again?

The first girl wants the truth, and she is not able to believe him, because if she tries to believe him, will she be hurt again? That is a huge risk to take…

We never know destiny’s reasons, it sets as apart and glues our broken pieces to unrecognisable form of a never seen sculpture of our life.

Sometimes we use unwanted words or stay silent when we have to be the loudest. What is bravery? Should you say what you feel and ruin someone else’ s life or never say a thing about it and diminish yourself for the sake of other’ s happiness?




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  1. Rasma R says:

    Love is most always like a tango if one starts stepping on your toes then you have to back up and find out what is going wrong. If there has been love there all the time just got a bit sidetracked then all will be all right in time. My best friend from high school days had drifted out of love with her hubby but they still lived in one house. Now she is quite ill and the love is slowly coming back. He is there beside her and even makes food for her and sees that she is feeling as good as possible. Now that is true love and you find your way back to one another.

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    1. ceruleaner says:

      That’s true! I like to say that love is the most precious gift we are given, and as you have said, true love always finds the way back. Also, thank you for sharing a lovely life story about your friend, it is not meaningless said “for better or for worse”. I truly hope she will get better in time become soon healthy again.


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