Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Once in a while, everyone gets hurt or betrayed, and it is not a pleasant feeling, just to be clear. In that kind of moments, we want from that someone to apologize or somehow fix the situation. On the other side, have we ever wondered ourselves did we did something wrong or did we hurt someone’s soul?

Unfortunately apologizing is defined as an act of the weakness and giving up by 21 century’s citizens. We have become consistent in not reconsidering the aftermath. Does a one word have the power to destroy a human? When a single word is capable to do something that, then what is one act’s superpower?

Ego and pride dont let us to say that one magical word, a key for the gold gate. We seek for the forgiveness with one honest ‘sorry’. If we think that someone will not appreciate or not forgive us, then my darlings, we are completely wrong. No matter how much the stone is solid, it will be broken eventually.

Today is the day to say sorry, ’cause it will be maybe late tomorrow.



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